One year

Today it’s been one year since I landed in the state that is now my home, Utah.

I already got to experience the beauty of spring, the heat of summer, the nostalgia of fall, and the coldness of winter. I celebrated my birthday, Christmas and New Year in a different place than the one where I celebrated for 26 years.

Saying my life has completely changed during this year is being subtle. Yes, of course, I live in a new country now, in a new city with different weather, buildings, streets, scenes and activities. But there were also other changes.

Two months after my arrival, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. A little bit after that, I met the man I’m planning on sharing the rest of my life with. Some months later, I moved and rented a place for the very first time. Then, I went back to college, but this time in a different language. Quite after, I started to make plans to live with that guy I already mentioned. A few days ago, I was able to pay all my debts (yes, ever since I got here, and with my mom needing so much money for her treatment, I was always in debt). I also gained 10 kg. I cried whole nights and days as well. I know what “missing” actually means and I have learned to be by myself.

When I say I have a completely different life now, I mean it. However, I try to grow my gratitude every day, not as a way of saying this is the best that could happen to me, but as a way to do my best with whatever happens.

Today, a year later, I finally get along with this cold, calm and misunderstood state I call home now.

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